three sessions.
four things.
five minutes.

what is threefourfive?

threefourfive is a free online mentoring service for Year 12 students who have been affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. 

threefourfive helps Year 12 students navigate their way through this difficult time by pairing them with university students who lead short, regular, one-to-one sessions designed to increase motivation, facilitate productivity and provide accountability. 

threefourfive aims to champion a #student4student movement. We want to bring people together so that we can be stronger in the face of this health crisis, because that’s what Australians do.

here's how the program works

three sessions

three conversations a week
Students and mentors call on Skype or Zoom three times a week.

four things

what we'll cover
Everything which will help you maximise your study experience: time management, study skills, tracking progress, and goals.

five minutes

brief calls
Students' time is valuable: each conversation is short and to the point.

here's what we'll talk about

Our mentors are all students at university. More importantly, they’ve all finished Year 12 within the last five years. They know what is required to work effectively and take responsibility for your own learning and progress. Specifically, there are four key things mentors can speak about which will facilitate productive study and maintain motivation.

time management

The one major thing separating successful students from unsuccessful students is skilful time management. We educate students on how to effectively structure their day and manage their time so they can simultaneously meet short-term and long-term deadlines.

tracking progress

Working amidst the disruptions to ordinary life diminishes your accountability. It’s easy to have a cheat day or procrastinate. Our mentors regularly check in with students to track their progress and provide guidance and support where needed.

study skills

Work harder, not smarter. Our mentors know how to study effectively and can help you find a method that works for you.

goal setting

Life after school can be daunting. Having direction and goals makes it so much easier. We help plan university courses, scholarships, gap years, overseas study, volunteering, work and so much more.

here's who you'll talk to


All of our mentors are university students and have a valid Working With Children Check. They have all been in your shoes and have done well in their degrees at university. Between them, they study medicine, law, arts, commerce, science, and engineering. Some have gone on gap years, others have had internships. Some are maths whizzes, others love books. Some are musical, others are sporty – we even have an Olympian!

Students are paired with mentors based on subjects studied in Year 12, interests outside of school and goals for the future. 

here's how to join

It is 100% free to join the program and use the service. 

Become a 345 student

About you:

You’re a motivated year 12 student who wants to do their best in their final year of school. You may or may not have been displaced or negatively affected by COVID-19, but it has been a speed hump for your preparation for internal and external exams. You’re looking for ways to maximise your output for this year, reach your full potential, and best prepare yourself for life beyond school. 

What you’ll receive:

Three times each week, you’ll have a five minute conversation with your mentor. The conversations are designed to keep you focused and directed. It will be an opportunity for you to air any concerns or worries you have about your school work or life generally, and receive thoughtful advice and guidance. Our mentors have all gone through what you’re going through now and are the perfect people to help you through this difficult period. This service is completely free and designed to help you, the students, soldier through a year made even more difficult by forces beyond your control. 

If you’re interested, click on the ‘Apply’ button below to fill out a short application form (it’ll only take 2 minutes!).